It's just how it is.

   Jun 16

Thank you. #233

Post for June 2.

I am thankful for time spent cuddling on our porch swing with the kids.

   Jun 16

Thank you. # 232

Post for June 1.

I am thankful for the smell after a spring rain storm. I love fresh smell after a rainfall.

   Jun 16

Thank you. # 231

Post for May 31.

I am thankful for the quiet in the house when everyone else is sleeping. Those are my favorite moments. The moments when everyone is together and safe and healthy…and quiet.

   Jun 16

Thank you. #230

I am so far behind but I am going to be playing catch up. After my last post I was a little emotionally raw from reliving the memories of everything Nate had gone through and needed a little break and then became overwhelmed by life and kids and fell WAY behind.


So for May 30th.

I am thankful for 20 minute naps that leave you feeling great.

   May 29

Thank you. # 229

Finally. For the last (almost) month facebook has been sending me daily reminders of “on this day six years ago”. Everyday I have been reminded of the horrible journey Nate had to endure and that we travelled with him. For almost a month I was reminded daily of everything he had to go through and how close we came to losing him. I was six LONG years ago but the memories, the sadness and the tears feel like it was just yesterday. He has come so far and he is so much better but I still find it heart breaking to remember. But FINALLY. Finally today I got the message I knew was coming. I got the reminder for my facebook post that says “Day 25: NATHANIAL IS HOME!!!”. I am so thankful to have had the chance to relive this journey and to face some of the pain I felt then and to be reminded of the wonderful gift of having him home and healthy.


   May 28

Thank you. # 228

I am thankful for the chance today to spend the morning at the salon having a mini mack over. I almost neve do my hair and I wear makeup even less but it is such a nice feeling to be treated once in a while and to be made feel pretty.


   May 27

Thank you. # 227

I am thankful for others having confidence in me that I don’t always have in myself.

   May 27

Thank you. # 226

I am thankful for time spent relaxing in the sun in the backyard watching Aly play.

   May 25

Thank you. # 225

I am thankful for the joy on Cameron’s face when he has an idea or a plan. He becomes completely involved in his idea and becomes so excited. His speech speeds, his voice goes higher and then his entire body joins in. His hands gesture with all of his excitement. I love his whole body excitement.



   May 24

Thank you. # 224

I am thankful for time spent celebrating a birthday. I love birthdays. I love the reason to get together with loved ones. In this busy world we often don’t take enough time with the ones we love, birthdays are a great reason to slow down and share time with those loved ones. I am thankful for birthdays. I am thankful for the reminder to slow down and share love and celebrate.

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