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   May 28

Thank you. # 228

I am thankful for the chance today to spend the morning at the salon having a mini mack over. I almost neve do my hair and I wear makeup even less but it is such a nice feeling to be treated once in a while and to be made feel pretty.

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   Dec 29


I am testing an auto post feature that I added to my blog. Lets see if this works. :-)If it does all new entries will be automatically posted to facebook. Yeah!

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   Jul 04

Playing tourist for a day.

Today Nate had an appointment at Sick Kids with his surgeon. The doctor and nurse were both were so happy, they said Nate is doing great. We will be making a little adjustments to his meds (hopefully weening him off of one). They also said that we don’t need to go back for a year. […]

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   Jun 30

Nate’s Senior Kindergarten Grad Photos (part 1).

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   Jun 29

Enjoying birthday treasures.

So this year every time someone asked Aly what she wanted for her birthday she gave them the same answer. In a very serious tone she would announce each time that she wanted “cupcakes”. So Auntie Chantelle decided that she should have exactly what she wanted, she got Aly all the ingredients needed to make […]

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   Jun 28

Aly’s 3rd birthday.

This year Aly wanted a princess party so mommy added a few princess touches and everyone had a great time.   So much fun. Aly has already started talking about NEXT year.

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   Jun 26

dancing through the fire…

Recently Cam and Nate took a dance class at the community center. On the last day of class they allowed the parents to watch for a bit and did a little dance for us. This is the dance. Well I they definitely aren’t going to be winning dancing with the stars but hey they had […]

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   Sep 24

A family hit. Oh so tasty.

    Approx 9 small potatoes cubed 3 boneless skinless chicken breasts cubed 1/2 cup olive oil 1 tbs salt 1 tbs pepper 1 1/2 tbs paprika 3 tbs minced garlic (I buy it in the jar pre-minced) 3 heads broccoli Approx 200g cheddar cheese Green onions Salsa Sour cream Preheat oven to 500F. (Yes […]

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   Dec 02

Family fun.

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   Sep 20

Olympians in the makings?

These are videos of the boys at their very first gymnastics classes at Planet Gymnastics.    

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