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   Sep 05

The big JK!

We are off to a great start day two of school and we have been on time both days the true test will be tomorrow when I have two back packs to get ready and two lunches to pack. Today I took Nate for a getting ready for school hair cut. He looks so much […]

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   Sep 03

Hi Ho, Hi Ho…

…It’s off to school they go. I am so excited to have Cam back at school. I think he is going a bit stir crazy. He is such a bright little boy that he craves learning. I think the summer brake has made him feel a little deprived of that learning. I have done a […]

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   Sep 01

I am “that parent”.

Ugh. I am that parent. THAT PARENT whose child is out doing something like shopping and throws up on the department store floor. THAT PARENT whose child is still in diapers at almost 4 years old. THAT PARENT whose child will poop in their pants and have diarrhea spill out on the floor while out […]

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   May 17

The governing state of Nate.

I saw this and had to share it. It just so well describes the way I think things run in Nate. Enjoy. All the organs of the body were having a meeting, Trying to decide who was the one in charge. I should be in charge, said the brain, Because I run all the body’s […]

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   Apr 10

Will you be ready?

For the last few months at bible study we have been talking about the end of days, the rapture, armagedon… whatever you choose to call it, but the end. I recently found out that a family member is terminally ill. He has cancer and it has spread to his bowels. He was rushed to hospital […]

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   Apr 08

Easter Weekend.

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   Apr 07

The roten easter egg.

I don’t get this holiday! Okay I know the Christian belief, the cross, the tomb, the rising again. What I don’t get is the chocolate eggs, the bunny, egg hunt. Why does a man sized bunny sneek around leaving hidden chocolate eggs? I mean really? A giant rabbit? I don’t even understand why kids believe […]

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   Apr 07

I’ve lost that blogging feeling.

As ofrecent I’ve lost interest in blogging. For a while I was on a roll. My mind seemed to be able to find at least something to say that MIGHT be interestin at least a little bit to someone else. Then. I don’t know. I just lost it. I got tired of finding things to […]

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   Apr 01

Buckets, big things and a birthday.

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   Mar 25

The return from March break.


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