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   Mar 22

A wonderful week.

This past week has been great. I haven’t posted much lately. I just haven’t had much to say but I thought that I should say something so I thought I would post a short list of some of the happy moments I have enjoyed this week. 1. 4 days (so far) Cam has been on […]

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   Mar 20

Pestering puzzler.

I was just about to call an end to my day and go to bed when Rob sent me an email and told me to take a look. I opened it a discovered a puzzle. Well. A brain teaser I guess you could call it. I like puzzles. Unfortunately I am not good at walking […]

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   Mar 14

To sooth her or not to soother.

Rob and I decided (mostly I) to give Aly a soother when she was a few months old because she would act like she wanted food and then would just suck and not eat. This was not my idea of fun. But with out something to suck on she would either use her fingers or […]

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   Mar 13

Garden fun.

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   Mar 11

Grama’s Birthday Dinner.


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   Mar 07

New friends.

Today I met a new mom at the play center that I take the kids to. Well…actually I met her a while back but we had only really shared a few words here and there. Today however we got to chatting and Nate and her son started playing and well a lot of time past. […]

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   Mar 06


I am amazingly blessed to have 3 wonderful children. They are great kids (although I will deny it if you ask me on a school day morning). So I just wanted to brag a little. Cam is an amazingly smart child he is 4 and is learning to read and write. He is also very […]

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   Mar 01

Sign of changes.

  This morning Nate was so excited that there was snow again. The whole walk to Cam’s school he was talking about the snow so we played out side for a while but it wasn’t enough time for him, so after Cam came home from school we played out side for a little longer. I […]

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   Feb 29

Happy Leap Day!

One year ago Nate played with food coloring and well….   …This is the mess I found. So this year I thought it should be my turn to play with some. Although I didn’t make AS Big a mess.Today at Cam’s school it was anti-bullying day and kids were asked to wear pink to show […]

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   Feb 28

Battle of the Brothers!

Earlier this afternoon the boys were sent to their room for misbehaving. They were suppose to have quiet reading time on their individual beds, but for some reason Nate decided he would go over to Cam’s bed and steal his blankets off of it while Cam was under them. Of course this made Cam REALLY […]

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