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   Feb 26

A weekend out.


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   Feb 22

She’s on the move.

It wasn’t much but it’s a start. For a few weeks now Aly has been able to crawl backwards and to turn in circles but she hasn’t been able to go forward. Today however she cracked that barrier. It was very uncoordinated and slow going but she went forward. It is the start of her […]

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   Feb 18

Hidding from the winter world outside.

My poor little ones. Nate is well… he’s doing okay but his bowels are still out of balance. Cam is complaining that it hurts when he pees so I think he might have a blader infection. Aly has been running a fever of about 101 all day. I am not sure what is causing the fever but she […]

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   Feb 17

My P.D. day.

What a great P.D. day. The boys didn’t want to go any where today so we just stayed home and played all day and watched movies. It was a nice break from the normally hectic weekdays. Hope everyone else had a good day too.

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   Feb 14

I am a t.v. junkie!

Tonight I stayed up way to late putting together Valentines Day cards for Cameron to take to school tomorrow. It’s my own fault for leaving it to the last minute. As I was working I had a t.v. show on (through Netflix) to keep me company. I told myself that as soon as I was […]

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   Feb 07

Seeing in a new light.

I am in a bible study group that meets once a week. We are studying Daniel and it has been (and I am sure will continue to be) a real eye opener. I had never really considered the “real” version of the bible stories I grew up with. During the study by Beth Moore an […]

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   Jan 19


I lay here mind reeling. Glances I keep stealing At the clock as I am pondering And my mind won’t stop wandering As the time keeps on passing. Tick. Tock.

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   Dec 30

A nice evening alone.

Most Friday nights David and Rebekah usually come over and visit and we do a whole evening thing we have supper and visit and then after the kids are in bed we watch a movie. It is a lot of fun but sometimes it is nice to have a break. Tonight was one of those […]

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   Dec 29

I think I am going round the bend.

Crazy. Nuts. Bonkers. Loopy. Call it what you will but the last few days (since Christmas ended) I feel sort of like I imagine it must feel to go insane. Today on at least half a dozen occasions I walked into a room only to realize that I had no idea why I had walked […]

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   Dec 27


I am posting this to see if this new facebook wordpress app I installed is working.

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