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   Dec 24

Thank you. #71

I am thankful for god parking spots. As if Christmas isn’t enough work today Aly broke out in a rash. So I had to add taking her to the doctors to the already long list of things I had to do. The doctor told me it is an allergic reaction. So off we went to […]

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   Dec 27

The end is here.

The Christmas holidays are over. Rob had an extra long weekend for Christmas break (4 days). But tomorrow they’re over and he has to return to work. Even though the 2 of those days were complete chaos it has been nice having him home and not thinking about work. It has been so wonderful having […]

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   Dec 26

Christmas Pride.

I want to boast a little. Because hey we all deserve a chance to enjoy the glory of our accomplishments. I would have written about this yesterday but at our house Christmas doesn’t end till really late. Even the boys were up late last night. They didn’t get to bed until about11pm last night which […]

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   Dec 25

How do they do it?

Every year for about a decade now I have told myself that this Christmas I will be done early. That I won’t be shopping days before Christmas. That I will wrap things ahead so that I am not up past midnight Christmas eve. And every year it comes down to the wire. This year is […]

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   Dec 22

The magic is gone.

Warning not for young children. I am not about to say anything horrible but I am going to talk about Santa and I would hate to make a child sad. In our house we don’t have Santa as a part of Christmas. What I mean by that is he doesn’t bring presents to the kids […]

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   Dec 19

Supper with Santa.

Tonight we took the kids to see Santa. Nate and Hailie’s preschool had a Supper with Santa Christmas party. At the party the kids got to have their picture taken with Santa and have pizza and ice cream and make crafts. They had such a wonderful time.

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   Dec 13

The count down is on.

I always find that once December 13th gets here Christmas comes even faster. It feels like you blink and it is here. I am so not ready. I haven’t bought my turkey yet. Heck I haven’t even finished my gift shopping. I still have about 5 people left to buy for. Ugh it passes so […]

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   Dec 06

Day #6.

Tonights advent calender contained a note that said “Look in the dishwasher.” I have been using these light clues for two reasons. 1. Not much fits behind the doors and 2. The boys love “hunting” for their prize. So they ran or rather bounced to the dishwasher. Inside they found a Christmas craft. So the […]

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   Dec 04

A nice family day.

Today we had a nice day with the kids. We took them for breakfast, nothing fancy just McDonalds. But it was nice to go out as a family and enjoy the time together. It was a relaxed morning. We did a little Christmas shopping, but more window shopping and then came home for a little […]

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   Dec 04

Yay for cookies!!!

Today I held what might just be the first annual Royal Cookie Swap. I had a crappy time preparing for it because there was a lot that had to get done and had been left till the last minute. But when it started it was great. There were 8 of us and we also did […]

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