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   Mar 29

Thank you. # 167

I am thankful for new connections. Today I went to a seminar on Autism called The Autism Compass: Your Resource Roadmap to help you navigate your ASD Journey being put on by and Autism Ontario.  I am thankful for the connections that I made there, connections to different community groups. Even better than that though is […]

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   Feb 18

Proud Mommy.

So almost 2 weeks ago I started toilet training Aly and switched her to under ware when she is awake. Well she is doing AMAZING! Thursday she had no accidents and Friday, Saturday and Sunday (today) she has only had 1 accident a day and only pee. Then today I decided it was time to […]

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   Feb 18

Mommy’s Big Girl.

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   Feb 15

I am a Proud Mama.

So as my last post said I started a little over a week ago trying to toilet train Aly. I am so proud to say that after only 8 days of training Aly had a full day with no accidents (not including when she was sleeping). Then today she only had one accident and I […]

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   Nov 04

Halloween 2012

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   Oct 01

Good News Update!

I haven’t updated for a while because I was afraid to jinx things but here goes. In June we started timed toilet sits. Then at the end of August Nate saw his surgeon and we discussed Nate’s belly being bloated daily and the test results from his blood work, x-ray and upper Gi. His blood […]

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   Sep 20

Olympians in the makings?

These are videos of the boys at their very first gymnastics classes at Planet Gymnastics.    

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   Sep 07

Off to a great start!

As for a lot of kids this was the first week of school for 2 of my 3 children. Now I am not a morning person so getting 3 kids up, dressed, fed, 2 lunches packed and out of the house before 8:30 is like torture to me. Last year (with just one to make lunch […]

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   Sep 04

A great beginning.

Cam had a great first day back at school. When I picked him up at 2:10 (today was early release) the first words out of his mouth was “that day was to short”. He was so thrilled by his teachers and the other students.   P.S. Today Nate’s belly was the best it has been […]

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   Mar 13

Garden fun.

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