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   Jan 20

Early beginnings.

Cameron my first born tried to come early a few times before finally being successful. The first time I went into labor I was only 22 weeks pregnant. I was admitted to hospital for a night and given medication to stop the labor. Thankfully the medication worked. I went into labor again at about 26 […]

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   Jan 19

Beginning parenthood.

Rob and I didn’t rush into parenthood in fact you might say we took the long route to get there. We were married 7 years before our first son was born. We talk over the years about having children but we enjoyed the time with just the two of us that we kept delaying actually […]

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   Jan 18

Not your “normal” kind of beginning.

As many know and I am sure through this blog some are learning Rob and I aren’t “normal” and as a part of us not being normal we decided not to get married on a “normal” day. So Rob and I chose to get married on February 29, 2000. A date that we had both […]

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   Jan 17

The beginning of my life, well… memories.

A lot of my child hood is a blur. I don’t remember a lot of it. Some of the memories I may have blocked out to not deal with the stress as a child of being from a broken home and others are just lost. My first memory even is a little questionable. I am […]

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   Jan 16

Beginning JK.

Cameron started JK (Junior Kindergarten) this past September. I had the normal mixed emotions of sadness and excitment of most mothers. I was happy for him and new he would love school (and he does) but also sad that my first born was growing up and wasn’t a baby anymore, but I wasn’t teary like […]

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   Jan 15

Beginning something new.

I have decided to make Sundays on my blog “Silent Sundays”. I will post a picture. I might be just something I like or one I have taken in the past week. I might post a description with it  and of course a title but nothing more. Just a nice break from blogging and a […]

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   Jan 14

The beginning of something more.

After meeting at the Halloween party (see here) we spent a lot of time hanging out and getting to know each other. Going for walks and playing basket ball and just hanging out. The Christmas holidays soon arrived and we were both of from school with lots of time. Some friends of ours had started […]

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   Jan 13

The beginning to a craptacular Friday the 13th.

First we over slept. It snowed. Couldn’t find Cam’s snow pants. We were late leaving for school. Had to get 2 kids to not play in the snow so we could get to school. The wagon broke on the way to school (while crossing the road., no one was hurt thankfully). Had to trek 3 […]

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   Jan 12

The beginning of a Boo-tiful friendship.

I was shy in school but did okay in small groups. In October of 1997 (which seems like an eternity ago) I was invited by some friends to a Halloween party. Everyone was hanging out having a good time. I on the other hand was hanging around trying to look like I belonged and I […]

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   Jan 11

Begin ag’in.

This week I began working out again. My goal (I am starting small) is to work out 4 days a week for a minimum of 30 minutes. Also to walk Cam to and from school everyday (except when I have schedule conflicts like Nate’s school days). We may not live far but two trips a […]

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