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   Jan 10

Beginning to cook.

It’s something just about everyone learns at some point but for me learning to cook was sort of different. I learned not because it interested me or because it was time so that I would one day be independent. No I learned because I was a smart ass. It also happened over a few occasions. […]

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   Jan 09

Beginning the college years.

I didn’t go to college in the typical sense I actually went to a special apprenticeship course offered by the college and high school as a way to help transition students. It was called the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program(OYAP). I took computer networking and at the end of two years received a college certificate and […]

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   Jan 08

Beginning into adulthood.

I began my high school career at age 13 which is a year younger then most people because I am a December baby. I just made the Birthday cut of  for school so I was always the youngest and smallest in my class. I never knew any different so it never bothered me. But high […]

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   Jan 07

A few words to begin by.

I have been very tired today and have not had any great inspiration towards a topic so I decide instead to just share other peoples inspirational thoughts on beginnings.

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   Jan 06

New beginning.

Aly was born with reflux. It isn’t a big deal but as a baby if we laid her flat on her back for more then a minute or two she would throw up and cry. So the only way she would sleep was if she was inclined. To make life easier (for me and her) […]

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   Jan 05

Where to begin?

What is the hardest part about a beginning? For me it isn’t really the very beginning but the real beginning thats the problem. Let me explain. I learned along time ago that I am good at ideas buuuttttt….. I lack in the follow through department. Let say I have a great idea for a project […]

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   Jan 04

My beginning.

Obviously I don’t remember my beginning but here’s what I know about it. I was born in Toronto Ontario Canada on December 14, 1979. It was a Friday, I guess I just didn’t want to miss the weekend. I have been told that it was freezing rain that day for the drive to the hospital. […]

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   Jan 03

Beginning 16 pages in.

I am not a very strong reader. In fact I read extremely slowly so that and having kids I don’t read to many books that aren’t written by Dr. Seuss or Robert Munsch. That being said about a year ago I decided to take on the challenge of reading a book. I decided to read […]

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   Jan 02

It begins on a dark night….

Okay so beginnings. Lets start with easy. Those that know me won’t likely be surprised at all by this but… my favorite movie beginning is Disney’s Aladdin. This also happens to be one of my favorite movies. I have easily seen it 100 times. I actually watched it enough times to wear out the video […]

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   Jan 01

In the begining…..

Another year has ended. As we begin into 2012. I am looking ahead a day, a week, a month, a year. I don’t like resolutions. I feel they are setting yourself up for failure and if you manage to succeed (well good) but did it really need to be a resolution? Granted the beginning of […]

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