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   Jan 29

A Beautiful First.

Today I was sitting on my bathroom floor (which I do more often then one might expect) waiting for Aly to finish on the toilet (she likes to try and be a big girl) when something happened (no this isn’t a poop story). Aly laughed and smiled down at me and for the first time […]

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   Jan 11

Enjoying the Silver Lining.

    So on Wednesday the boys were of school sick. That evening I received a phone call to inform me that the Teachers would be out for a protest and so all school was canceled for the day. For me this was no big deal. So the boys and I made plans with Auntie […]

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   Dec 30

Christmas Craziness.

Okay so as we all know the holidays are hectic and 3 kids seems to make it extra crazy to me. I don’t know how people with more survive. Any way thanks to the craziness I haven’t posted much lately even though a lot has been going on so I thought I would post some […]

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   Dec 06

The Dreaded Winter Wear.

I keep hoping it just won’t happen but this morning it was so cold that I had to face facts… It’s time to drag the snow pants and heavy mitts out of storage. I’ve had the winter coats and stretchy mitts out for awhile now but I’ve been putting off the snow pants. Sadly I […]

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   Oct 10

Trying something new.

So this past weekend our dishwasher died on us and being that we BOTH hate washing dishes there was no way we were going to live with out one so we bought a new one. We had been planning to for a while but finally were forced into it. Anyway it was delivered this morning […]

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   Oct 03

5 cakes, 4 partys, 3 homemade cakes, 2 long weeks and 1 exhausted Mommy!

So this year we decided to have a kid party for the boys at Chuck-E-Cheese. That was party #1. The boys had a great time unfortunately I didn’t have a camera so I only got a few pics on my phone and they didn’t turn out well but here’s one of the cupcakes cake. Then […]

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   Oct 03

Just a dream or a message from my subconscious self?

Okay let me start before the dream. Yesterday I had three separate weird sort of comments that I guess put my mind in an awkward place. I had an older lady (in her 80’s I think) ask if I was expecting again. Then I had someone comment that my skin looked great, that my “face […]

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   Sep 11

The Never Ending Renovation.

For the last 2 months we have been doing some reno’s around the house. Dead trees removed from the backyard, the roof tiled and new eves-trough, some electrical work and a few other things. Ugh.. Reno’s are a nightmare, as I am sure they always are. We are on a timeline to do the reno’s […]

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   Jul 06

Talk about slow to get the punch.

We start as kids to learn about jokes around the age of 4. I am sure as kid we’ve all told the joke “why did the chicken cross the road?” and when prompted we answer “to get to the other side.” I always thought of this joke in it’s simplest terms. The chicken had crossed […]

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   May 14

Two steps behind.

I can’t really explain this well. It’s more of a feeling. I feel like I am always trying to catch up. Like I can’t get caught up on anything. It is a very disheartening feeling but I just can’t seem to shake it. There are just so many things to be done and even if […]

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