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   Dec 30

Christmas Craziness.

Okay so as we all know the holidays are hectic and 3 kids seems to make it extra crazy to me. I don’t know how people with more survive. Any way thanks to the craziness I haven’t posted much lately even though a lot has been going on so I thought I would post some […]

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   Dec 10

Party Girls.

Today Aly went to her Monday play group for an end of year/Christmas party. She went with her cousin and two friends. She LOVES the play group and has so much fun exploring and playing with other kids.  

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   Dec 09

Family Festivities.

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   Dec 06

The Dreaded Winter Wear.

I keep hoping it just won’t happen but this morning it was so cold that I had to face facts… It’s time to drag the snow pants and heavy mitts out of storage. I’ve had the winter coats and stretchy mitts out for awhile now but I’ve been putting off the snow pants. Sadly I […]

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   Dec 05

Joy of discovering snow.

Today Aly discovered snow. She saw it last winter but was to young to really enjoy it.        

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   Dec 04


To most the day might not seem all that big but to me it was a great day. It started out like any other Tuesday for me. Rushing the kids out the door to get the boys to school on time. Then I had to add in an extra stop at the grocery store to […]

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   Dec 03

Up goes the tree!

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   Dec 03

Shopping success.

So step one of teaching the boys to give went well. They dong really seem to understand but they were excited to pick out the toys. Nate loved it. He wanted to buy 1 of everything. Can was more selective. He wanted to check put his options and take his time with his decision. The […]

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   Dec 01

Christmas, Christmas time is here….

Today marks (for me) the beginning of the Christmas season. A time of over spending, over eating and over extending ourselves. BUT… it’s also a time of family, friends and love for complete strangers. Every Christmas I try to do things to make memories for the kids. This year I have decided to also try […]

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