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   Feb 18

Proud Mommy.

So almost 2 weeks ago I started toilet training Aly and switched her to under ware when she is awake. Well she is doing AMAZING! Thursday she had no accidents and Friday, Saturday and Sunday (today) she has only had 1 accident a day and only pee. Then today I decided it was time to […]

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   Feb 15

I am a Proud Mama.

So as my last post said I started a little over a week ago trying to toilet train Aly. I am so proud to say that after only 8 days of training Aly had a full day with no accidents (not including when she was sleeping). Then today she only had one accident and I […]

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   Feb 08

Day 2 and 3

Day 2: Ok so yesterday started out great then just before lunch we had friends come over to play and apparently that was a big distraction and Aly had 2 accidents between 11am and 12:30. The afternoon went well but then in the evening we again had visitors and again she had 2 accidents between […]

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   Feb 06

Day 1.

Aly’s toilet training adventure: Day 1. I have decided to journal toilet training Aly. I won’t write every day but I will the first few days as a way to track how she is doing and to vent if I need to. I guess this wasn’t really day 1 for her that was really back […]

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