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   Dec 30

Christmas Craziness.

Okay so as we all know the holidays are hectic and 3 kids seems to make it extra crazy to me. I don’t know how people with more survive. Any way thanks to the craziness I haven’t posted much lately even though a lot has been going on so I thought I would post some […]

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   Dec 10

Party Girls.

Today Aly went to her Monday play group for an end of year/Christmas party. She went with her cousin and two friends. She LOVES the play group and has so much fun exploring and playing with other kids.  

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   Dec 04


To most the day might not seem all that big but to me it was a great day. It started out like any other Tuesday for me. Rushing the kids out the door to get the boys to school on time. Then I had to add in an extra stop at the grocery store to […]

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   Oct 03

5 cakes, 4 partys, 3 homemade cakes, 2 long weeks and 1 exhausted Mommy!

So this year we decided to have a kid party for the boys at Chuck-E-Cheese. That was party #1. The boys had a great time unfortunately I didn’t have a camera so I only got a few pics on my phone and they didn’t turn out well but here’s one of the cupcakes cake. Then […]

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   Sep 16

Royal Medieval Faire 2012

Saturday a¬†friend Jen and I drove to Waterloo to take our kids, 5 in total kids to the Waterloo Royal Medieval Faire. We all had a great time. Huzzah! Unfortunately Rob wasn’t able to attend. Maybe next year.

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   Sep 09

Family Fun at the Fair.

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   Jun 17

Aly’s Birthday Bash.

Yesterday was my baby girls first birthday. I don`t know where the years are dissapering to. Today we had a party to celbrate. It wasn`t a large party just some close family and some chosen family. But we had a good time (although threat of rain forced the festivities indoors). The food was themed `Baby […]

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   May 13

Marvelous Mommy’s day!


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   May 01

Getting Back In The Saddle.

Okay. My time for excuses must end. For the last month+ I have been making excuses and avoiding blogging. I have decided to stop it and get back to blogging, it is good for the mind and the soul to share what is locked inside even (or especially) when it is difficult or painful. So […]

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   Mar 18

St. Paddy’s Pics.

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