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   May 29

Thank you. # 229

Finally. For the last (almost) month facebook has been sending me daily reminders of “on this day six years ago”. Everyday I have been reminded of the horrible journey Nate had to endure and that we travelled with him. For almost a month I was reminded daily of everything he had to go through and […]

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   Mar 09

Thank you. #147

I am thankful for long awaited answers. Cameron has struggled socially and at school for a long time (always maybe). He has never quite understood social cues or emotional importance. Approximately a year ago we started seeking help and information from doctors that led to a referral to a Developmental Pediatrician. After what seemed like […]

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   Mar 05

Thank you. #143

I am thankful for health. Nate has been sick with a fever and sore throat for the last 5 days and on antibiotics for 3 of them. I was starting to worry that his fever wasn’t going even with being on antibiotics but today he woke up feeling great and (90%) back to his old […]

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   Feb 28

Thank you. #137

I am thankful to not be alone. As I posted in another post Nate is a member of the rare disease club. This could be a very lonely place to be as a child and the parent of a rare disease child but thanks to technology we have been able to connect with a lot […]

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   Feb 27

I care about someone RARE.

  Tomorrow February 28th is a special day to me. It is Rare Disease Day. As a mom who almost lost a child to a rare disease this day touches a special place in my heart. Please help me in celebrating the day by wearing jeans tomorrow and by becoming Aware of something Rare then […]

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   Oct 01

Good News Update!

I haven’t updated for a while because I was afraid to jinx things but here goes. In June we started timed toilet sits. Then at the end of August Nate saw his surgeon and we discussed Nate’s belly being bloated daily and the test results from his blood work, x-ray and upper Gi. His blood […]

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   Sep 04

A great beginning.

Cam had a great first day back at school. When I picked him up at 2:10 (today was early release) the first words out of his mouth was “that day was to short”. He was so thrilled by his teachers and the other students.   P.S. Today Nate’s belly was the best it has been […]

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   Sep 01

I am “that parent”.

Ugh. I am that parent. THAT PARENT whose child is out doing something like shopping and throws up on the department store floor. THAT PARENT whose child is still in diapers at almost 4 years old. THAT PARENT whose child will poop in their pants and have diarrhea spill out on the floor while out […]

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   Aug 26

Baffling bloating. An update on Nate.

Nate will be four next month, where has time gone? Quick reminder.¬†Nate was diagnosed¬†at 8 months old with Hirschsprungs disease. He had a pull through with about 2/3 of large intestine removed. There were complications that lead to an ileostomy.He had a reversal at 11 months due to a prolapse (lot 6-10 inches of small […]

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   Aug 15


I haven’t blogged in a while mostly just out of laziness but it is time to start back and record the goings on of LIFE. WARNING!! Maybe a little graphic. For the last week we have been dealing with the ups and downs that are Nate. His belly is acting off again. It all started […]

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