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   May 21

Thank you. # 218

I am so thankful.   It has taken a few days for me to write this. On the Victoria Day, holiday Monday we decided to take the kids to the Ontario Science Center, something we do a lot as they love it there so much. When we arrived we parked in the same area we […]

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   Dec 08

Thank you. #57

I am thankful for Aly’s love learning and her want to share that passion. This is a video of Aly showing her cousin a list of names that she has learned to read. I love how happy she is to share it.

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   Jul 10

5 things 15 minutes on Rollerblades taught me.

So recently I been missing being more active like I was before I had kids. I have been missing do things like bike riding and rollerblading. Tonight I had an errand to run just a few blocks from home and I was going kid free so I decide I would Rollerblade there. So here are […]

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   Feb 18

Proud Mommy.

So almost 2 weeks ago I started toilet training Aly and switched her to under ware when she is awake. Well she is doing AMAZING! Thursday she had no accidents and Friday, Saturday and Sunday (today) she has only had 1 accident a day and only pee. Then today I decided it was time to […]

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   Feb 18

Mommy’s Big Girl.

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   Feb 15

I am a Proud Mama.

So as my last post said I started a little over a week ago trying to toilet train Aly. I am so proud to say that after only 8 days of training Aly had a full day with no accidents (not including when she was sleeping). Then today she only had one accident and I […]

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   Dec 30

Christmas Craziness.

Okay so as we all know the holidays are hectic and 3 kids seems to make it extra crazy to me. I don’t know how people with more survive. Any way thanks to the craziness I haven’t posted much lately even though a lot has been going on so I thought I would post some […]

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   Dec 04


To most the day might not seem all that big but to me it was a great day. It started out like any other Tuesday for me. Rushing the kids out the door to get the boys to school on time. Then I had to add in an extra stop at the grocery store to […]

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   Oct 10

Trying something new.

So this past weekend our dishwasher died on us and being that we BOTH hate washing dishes there was no way we were going to live with out one so we bought a new one. We had been planning to for a while but finally were forced into it. Anyway it was delivered this morning […]

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   Oct 01

Good News Update!

I haven’t updated for a while because I was afraid to jinx things but here goes. In June we started timed toilet sits. Then at the end of August Nate saw his surgeon and we discussed Nate’s belly being bloated daily and the test results from his blood work, x-ray and upper Gi. His blood […]

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