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   Jan 05

Where to begin?

What is the hardest part about a beginning? For me it isn’t really the very beginning but the real beginning thats the problem. Let me explain. I learned along time ago that I am good at ideas buuuttttt….. I lack in the follow through department. Let say I have a great idea for a project […]

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   Jan 01

In the begining…..

Another year has ended. As we begin into 2012. I am looking ahead a day, a week, a month, a year. I don’t like resolutions. I feel they are setting yourself up for failure and if you manage to succeed (well good) but did it really need to be a resolution? Granted the beginning of […]

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   Dec 26

Christmas Pride.

I want to boast a little. Because hey we all deserve a chance to enjoy the glory of our accomplishments. I would have written about this yesterday but at our house Christmas doesn’t end till really late. Even the boys were up late last night. They didn’t get to bed until about11pm last night which […]

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   Dec 12

The master of munching.

Last night Aly graduated to “Real Food”. She will be 6 months old on Friday and has been eating rice and oatmeal cereal for over 2 months now (she hates the rice cereal not that I blame her). When ever anyone has food near her she will stare at them and if she gets the […]

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   Dec 09

Now what??? (Part 2)

I have realised that a few of my “one days” have become a part of my life. I have decided to list some of them to appreciate them and to realize the positives of being older. 1. Had and drove a motorcycle. 2. Went to collage even if I choose the wrong feild. 3. Got […]

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   Nov 27

My bed time story.

I didn’t expect it to happen so soon but recently Cameron has started reading on his own. He does really well. He still needs help with some words and the stories aren’t exactly great novels. But I am definitely a very proud mother. Tonight Cameron read Nate and I a bed time story. It is […]

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   Nov 26

He’s getting bigger.

We recently were given a twin bed for Nate. It is a captain’s bed much like the one that Cam has. Last week before Nate was put in hospital we went to buy a new mattress for him but had to wait for it to come in. Well today Rob picked it up from the […]

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   Nov 17

He’s thankful for what?

Tonight was parent teacher night at Cameron’s school. When I first arrived I was nervous. I wasn’t sure how things would go since Cam has been having a lot of problems with accidents. So I hoped for the best but was prepared for the worst. It turns out all the worry was for nothing. The […]

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   Nov 13

Why do they call it spring cleaning?

Today I got in to a weird cleaning mood which as those who know me can tell you, it doesn’t happen often. So I decided to tackle my kitchen pantry which is no small task. It is actually 4 very large cupboards plus two very large shelves. Well after about 5-6 hours of cleaning I […]

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   Nov 01


I discovered from a post on a friends blog today that she read on a blog by one of her friends that today is National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo). So the challenge is to post a new blog every day for one month. I have decided to take on this challenge and see if I […]

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