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   Nov 30

Thirty things I’ve learned this month blogging.

1. I may talk a lot but most of what I say isn’t interesting or important enough to want to write it down. 2. My spelling is atrocious. If it wasn’t for spell check no one would understand a thing I say. 3. Writing something thinking someone might one day read it makes you think […]

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   Nov 29

Two many and not enough.

This time of year I find gets more hectic with every passing year. There are just to many things to do. So this year I had a plan. I was going to have ALL of my gift shopping done by the end of November.  That way I would have time to wrap everything and I […]

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   Nov 28

Family and Christmas fun.

Recently Rob’s Nan moved closer to us and his parents. She use to live about a 20 minute drive away but now her new apartment is only about 4 minutes away. So today Rob and I decided sort of last minute that we would take the boys to see the CP Holiday Train. So I […]

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   Nov 27

My bed time story.

I didn’t expect it to happen so soon but recently Cameron has started reading on his own. He does really well. He still needs help with some words and the stories aren’t exactly great novels. But I am definitely a very proud mother. Tonight Cameron read Nate and I a bed time story. It is […]

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   Nov 26

He’s getting bigger.

We recently were given a twin bed for Nate. It is a captain’s bed much like the one that Cam has. Last week before Nate was put in hospital we went to buy a new mattress for him but had to wait for it to come in. Well today Rob picked it up from the […]

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   Nov 25

Home sweet home.

Today Nate was dischared from the hospital. He will be going back as an outpatient to have another round of botox injections. He is doing a lot better and is happy to be home. Aly on the other hand is completely out of sorts. She is so tired but won’t go to sleep. Instead she […]

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   Nov 24

Where did it do?

It is amazing how much of a time suck hospitals can be. All day long it’s just hurry up and wait. Some where in all of that waiting I lost my day. You lose track of it in this place. I am always amazed. I was up at 6am and here I am at 11 […]

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   Nov 23

Day 3.

A 6am wake up call started the day out with Nate having to have vitals checked and a washout followed by stripping down the bed to clean up a huge mess. The it was time to feed Aly followed by a visit from the medical team. Which took us to 7 am-ish and Nate and […]

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   Nov 22

What is going on so far.

Nate was admited to Sick Kids yesterday and is being treated with IV antibiotics for entrocolitis (EC). They aren’t actually sure yet if he has it but they are playing things on the safe side because EC can be very dangerous if left untreated. So the treatment is a mix of 3 types of antibiotics […]

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   Nov 21

Back again.

Nate, Aly and I are back at Sick Kids at least for a night maybe for a few. I will give more details tomorrow.

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