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   Dec 10

Has anyone seen my Christmas spirit?

I don’t know why. There is no real reason for it. But this year I just can’t seem to get in to the Christmas spirit. I have tried Christmas shopping but I just can’t seem to get excited by all the glitter and ribbons. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Christmas. All the food and […]

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   Dec 09

Now what??? (Part 2)

I have realised that a few of my “one days” have become a part of my life. I have decided to list some of them to appreciate them and to realize the positives of being older. 1. Had and drove a motorcycle. 2. Went to collage even if I choose the wrong feild. 3. Got […]

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   Dec 08

Now what??? (Part 1)

Yesterday I was talking to Nate’s development worker about having to sign Nate up for school in the new year. She asked if I knew what had to be done before September. I told her I knew about phoning for the per-registration. I said I just “did that a few months ago for Cam.” That’s […]

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   Dec 07

Nate’s next botox.

Nate is still having problems with stooling. So the surgeon has decided to redo his botox again and see if that helps. He will be going in on December 21st for the injections. I am hopeful that it works and helps to make him more comfortable. For those that don’t know. Nate will have 4 […]

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   Dec 06

Day #6.

Tonights advent calender contained a note that said “Look in the dishwasher.” I have been using these light clues for two reasons. 1. Not much fits behind the doors and 2. The boys love “hunting” for their prize. So they ran or rather bounced to the dishwasher. Inside they found a Christmas craft. So the […]

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   Dec 05

Advent calender day #5.

Do you remember those bouncy balls that are in vending machines. People around my age I am sure had a few at some point in their childhood. Well that was todays advent surprise. I know not that exciting but wait….there’s a twist…. It was actually a make your own….do it yourself….bouncy ball kit. The other […]

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   Dec 04

A nice family day.

Today we had a nice day with the kids. We took them for breakfast, nothing fancy just McDonalds. But it was nice to go out as a family and enjoy the time together. It was a relaxed morning. We did a little Christmas shopping, but more window shopping and then came home for a little […]

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   Dec 04

Yay for cookies!!!

Today I held what might just be the first annual Royal Cookie Swap. I had a crappy time preparing for it because there was a lot that had to get done and had been left till the last minute. But when it started it was great. There were 8 of us and we also did […]

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   Dec 02

Advent calender day 2.

Tonight Cameron opened door #2 and inside found a note that read: “Nate look in the freezer.” “Cam look in the fridge.” Hidden in the fridge and freezer they each found an ornament for the tree. They were Cars themed there was a Mater one for Nater’s and a Lightning McQueen one for Cam. This […]

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   Dec 01

And it begins!

We don’t give the boys a lot of sugar so I didn’t want them to have a chocolate advent calendar. So I decided to make on for them and fill it with different treats and trinkets. I made it out of toilette paper tubes and construction paper. Todays treat was Christmas stickers that they used […]

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