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   Jan 31

Beginnings end. (Finally.)

Well I made it to the end of my themed month and was almost successful. In fact I have decided to call it a success (all though not the best one). I had some rough spots along the way. There was a blog posted after midnight (but before morning). Some boring topics. Some topics left […]

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   Jan 30

Beginning stages.

Today Aly sat up on her own for the first time. I didn’t actually see her do it but I put her on her stomach to play for a moment while I went to do something. When I can back she was half way across the room and sitting up. She is growing so quickly. […]

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   Jan 29

Beginning Silent Sundays Take Two.

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   Jan 28

Breaking beginnings.

Today was a busy day. It was a PD day for Cam. He was of schedule which made him cranky and in turn made Nate cranky. We spent our morning at the Ontario Early Years Center and our afternoon cleaning and running errands. The evening was spent having a late supper followed by a movie […]

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   Jan 26

A suggested beginning.

I sit here again tonight stuck for a topic and motivation to write and my blog-buddy has over the past month made one suggestion at least three times and I have pushed it off and left it. Why I am not not completely sure but at least in part because I didn’t have the energy […]

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   Jan 25

Beginning of the end.

I have sat here for about an hour now. Staring at a blank text field. Trying to think of something to write. Yet no great ideas came to me. For the entire month of January (as I am sure you have noticed) I have been writing about beginnings. I set it as a theme or […]

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   Jan 24

Babling beginnings.

I never thought much about communicating before I had kids. Even once Cameron was born I didn’t think to much about it. Rob and I spoke and decided we didn’t want to use baby talk and that we would speak to our children like little adults so that they would learn to speak clearly and […]

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   Jan 23

Broken beginnings.

So I realized last night as I was going to sleep that I had messed up. I should have done a Silent Sunday blog. But I didn’t. I just began Silent last week and already I messed it up. It isn’t a big deal I guess but it still bugs me. Oh well I’ll try […]

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   Jan 22

A timely beginning.

On June 16th my daughter was born. Alexandria Dorthea. You was born on her due date as it was predicted by my midwife. Which was 1 day after the day I had figured out and 4 days before the one that the obsetrician had figured out (3 different calculation systems were used). She was born […]

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   Jan 21

A full beginning.

Nathanial was born at 38 weeks just 2 weeks before he was suppose to. At first he seemed perfect. He was born 7 lBĀ 7 oz. Most babies are born upset but Nate was right out pissed off. He looked like an angry old man. By about 24 hours old he was refusing to eat and […]

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