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   Mar 28

On step closer.

For the last 8 weeks (all of February and March) Nathanial and his cousin Hailie have been attending a school readiness program called Little Scholars. They attend ‘school’ 2 days a week for an hour and half. The program is to introduce preschoolers to the routine of school in a relaxed environment to help ease […]

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   Mar 25

The return from March break.


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   Mar 22

A wonderful week.

This past week has been great. I haven’t posted much lately. I just haven’t had much to say but I thought that I should say something so I thought I would post a short list of some of the happy moments I have enjoyed this week. 1. 4 days (so far) Cam has been on […]

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   Mar 20

Pestering puzzler.

I was just about to call an end to my day and go to bed when Rob sent me an email and told me to take a look. I opened it a discovered a puzzle. Well. A brain teaser I guess you could call it. I like puzzles. Unfortunately I am not good at walking […]

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   Mar 19

Hoping for an end soon.

Having 3 kids is like having your own personal lab for the growth of air born viruses. Back in September when school started Cam came down with a cold (the second week of school). Since then it seems like someone has had it. They may have troubles sharing toys sometimes but they’ve had no troubles […]

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   Mar 18

St. Paddy’s Pics.

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   Mar 16


How is it that the same two kids that were so well behaved yesterday could be such monsters today. Cameron wasn’t to bad but Nate was a monster. It’s like a Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde.

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   Mar 15

A bright shiney day.

Today was an amazing day. It wasn’t really special. I didn’t even leave the house. It was such a gorgeous day out that I decided to open up the doors to get some fresh air in the house. The boys were so excited that it was nice outside. They decided that they wanted to have […]

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   Mar 14

To sooth her or not to soother.

Rob and I decided (mostly I) to give Aly a soother when she was a few months old because she would act like she wanted food and then would just suck and not eat. This was not my idea of fun. But with out something to suck on she would either use her fingers or […]

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   Mar 13

Garden fun.

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