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   Mar 11

Grama’s Birthday Dinner.


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   Mar 10

Standing tall.

Tonight for the first time Aly crawled to the couch and used it to pull her self to standing. I know this isn’t a big deal all babies do it eventually, but to mommy its a big deal. It’s one step closer to walking and one step closer to not being a baby any more. […]

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   Mar 08

Nothing much to say.

I am not really going to blog tonight. I have sat here for over an hour thinking about it and I am just not feeling it today. Nate his sick (I think it’s his belly problems) and I am just tired, both emotionally and physically. So good night and I promise I will try twice […]

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   Mar 07

New friends.

Today I met a new mom at the play center that I take the kids to. Well…actually I met her a while back but we had only really shared a few words here and there. Today however we got to chatting and Nate and her son started playing and well a lot of time past. […]

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   Mar 06


I am amazingly blessed to have 3 wonderful children. They are great kids (although I will deny it if you ask me on a school day morning). So I just wanted to brag a little. Cam is an amazingly smart child he is 4 and is learning to read and write. He is also very […]

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   Mar 05

A thought to ponder.

Tonight I watched a Canadian film called One Week. It posses the question what would you do? The funny thing is before the movie was even over and I thought about it consciously¬† I found myself searching the web and trying to find info on things I want to do in life before it is […]

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   Mar 04

Happy times.


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   Mar 03

Sushi for 2.

Tonight I surprised Rob with dinner out just the two of us as belated anniversary present. Auntie Chantel¬† baby sat the kids so we could go out and have a nice night out. It was so nice. We went for Sushi at Go Believe Sushi. It was so weird being out with NONE of the […]

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   Mar 01

Sign of changes.

  This morning Nate was so excited that there was snow again. The whole walk to Cam’s school he was talking about the snow so we played out side for a while but it wasn’t enough time for him, so after Cam came home from school we played out side for a little longer. I […]

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