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   Jul 25

A Mc First.

List night Aly had her first taste of Mc Donald’s at age 13 months 1 week. She loved it. She didn’t share any with the dog. She ate every last bite. Her fist meal was a grilled chicken snack wrap (hold the sauce).

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   Jul 06

Talk about slow to get the punch.

We start as kids to learn about jokes around the age of 4. I am sure as kid we’ve all told the joke “why did the chicken cross the road?” and when prompted we answer “to get to the other side.” I always thought of this joke in it’s simplest terms. The chicken had crossed […]

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   Jul 03

Summer holidays is off to a…

Well. I’d say it is off to a blah. I had plans to take the kids to a playground play group. I got them up. We got dressed ate and packed snacks and were out the door at 9am. We even got to play group 10 minutes early which for us is unheard of. When […]

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