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   Jul 12

Milkshake or Smoothie?

Recently I started making breakfast drinks for lack of a better name. I wasn’t sure if they were smoothies or milkshakes. So far all of the ones I have tried are made up of a mix of fruit (fresh or frozen), milk or OJ and yogurt (usually Greek). Some of them also have some other […]

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   Jul 10

5 things 15 minutes on Rollerblades taught me.

So recently I been missing being more active like I was before I had kids. I have been missing do things like bike riding and rollerblading. Tonight I had an errand to run just a few blocks from home and I was going kid free so I decide I would Rollerblade there. So here are […]

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   Jul 04

Playing tourist for a day.

Today Nate had an appointment at Sick Kids with his surgeon. The doctor and nurse were both were so happy, they said Nate is doing great. We will be making a little adjustments to his meds (hopefully weening him off of one). They also said that we don’t need to go back for a year. […]

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   Jul 01

Canada Day 2014

Playing in the sprinkler, ice cream at Tyrone Mills, and a picnic at the park. What a great way to celebrate Canada’s 147th birthday. b

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