It's just how it is.

   May 30

Always in the limelight.

My kids (Aly included) LOVE to be the center of attention. It doesn’t matter where they are. A Habitate for Humanity ground breaking is no exception.

For the last few months the boys have been excitedly waiting for the new Habitat for Humanity houses to start being built near where we live. Well this Monday passed was the ground breaking ceremony. So I decided to take the kids and be apart of it. When we arrived at the event they were all set up with gold coloured shovels for all the big wigs. Well, after a few minutes of waiting for something to happen Nate decided to sneak away and get things started.–shovels-hit-the-ground-for-24-habitat-for-humanity-homes-in-oshawa

I wasn’t very happy that he was touching the showel but the media loved it. How do you punish a child when they are being swarmed by not, not two, but three reporters. Wanting to now his name to put his picture in the paper. To top it all off he wasn’t just in the paper, he was on the cover.

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