It's just how it is.

   Jun 17

Aly’s Birthday Bash.

Yesterday was my baby girls first birthday. I don`t know where the years are dissapering to. Today we had a party to celbrate. It wasn`t a large party just some close family and some chosen family. But we had a good time (although threat of rain forced the festivities indoors). The food was themed `Baby Food`. We had baby (mini) burgers, baby (mini) hotdogs, baby greens salaad, baby potato salad and baby veggies. We also had a wonderful fruit salad cake and a lemon cocnut cake (shaped like a 1). Here are a few pictures from the party.

Near the end of the party I handed out little loot bags to the kids (except Aly). When I handed Cam his he said `wow we`re really lucky to be getting these at Aly`s birthday.`I love my little man so much, he is growing up to quickly, they all are.

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