It's just how it is.

   Jul 03

Summer holidays is off to a…

Well. I’d say it is off to a blah. I had plans to take the kids to a playground play group. I got them up. We got dressed ate and packed snacks and were out the door at 9am. We even got to play group 10 minutes early which for us is unheard of. When we arrvied I parked the car and was just looking around for people we knew when I heard a noise coming from Aly. A noise I unfortunately know to well being the mom of 3 lids (especially Naters). I jumped out of the van and ran around to her door but I was to late. She had thrown up ALL over herself and her car seat. So unfortunately to the disappointment of 2 little boys we had to leave play group with out playing and come home. NOT a great start to the summer.

To make up for it the boys have spent almost the entire day in the back yard. Aly well… she has spent almost the entire day in bed

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