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   Oct 01

Good News Update!

I haven’t updated for a while because I was afraid to jinx things but here goes.

In June we started timed toilet sits. Then at the end of August Nate saw his surgeon and we discussed Nate’s belly being bloated daily and the test results from his blood work, x-ray and upper Gi. His blood work was good, his x-ray showed some distended bowel and a lot of gas and the upper showed he has reflux and nothing else. The surgeon suggested that it might be a very mild ongoing case of entro or something along those lines so he uped Nate’s flagyl and said we should see if that helped. That was 5 days before Nate started Junior Kindergarten.After about a week on the new dose Nate’s belly was a LOT less bloated, the vomiting lessened and he was pooping more regularily.

The second week of school his teacher aproached me and said that he had had zero bowel accidents and that she wanted Nate to try underware and that she would deal with any accidents. I was shoked. He had only been pooping well for 2 weeks. So the next day Nate wore underware for the first time. He was so excited. He was running around the house wearing nothing but underware and screaming with excitment “Underware!’ I think it was the happiest I’ve ever seen him.

We have continued toilet sits and so has the teacher and I am excited to say with the help of being told to go and poop Nate has been in underware for 2 1/2 weeks.

NATE IS TOILET TRAINED! (Sort of.) I sometimes doubted wether this day would ever come.

He is still on the flagyl and it looks like he will be for a long time to come but things are a lot better then they were. I just wanted to share the good news.

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