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   Oct 03

5 cakes, 4 partys, 3 homemade cakes, 2 long weeks and 1 exhausted Mommy!

So this year we decided to have a kid party for the boys at Chuck-E-Cheese. That was party #1. The boys had a great time unfortunately I didn’t have a camera so I only got a few pics on my phone and they didn’t turn out well but here’s one of the cupcakes cake.

Birthday (cup)cake at Chuck-E-Cheese.

Then on September 26th (Cam’s actual birthday) we went to Nana and Papa’s house for a mini party. Party #2. Cam picked out the cake at the store, he chose raspberry white chocolate cake.

The cake Cam picked out.

Here is a picture of Cam cutting the cake and another of him showing of his birthday boy shirt.

Cam cutting the first piece.

Cam showing off his Birthday shirt.


Party¬† #3 was on Nate’s birthday. Grama Barb, Doc and Auntie Rebekah all came over for supper and treated us to Swiss Chalet (Mmmm tasty, thank you). Then Nana and Papa joined us for dessert. I decided I would make something a little different then the standard cake for dessert to try and meet all the diet concerns. So after some thought I decided on a watermelon cake. Now I can’t take credit for it, I got the idea from someone on Pinterest. So I shaped and hollowed out a watermelon and filled it with fruit salad and decorated it with Coolwhip.

Watermelon Cake.

Finally party #4. We had a family dinner. Our tradition for the boys family birthday dinner is to have a cake each. So cake #4 was a rainbow cloud AstroBoy cake.

Nathanial's AstroBoy cake.

AstroBoy cake.


Last but not least. Cake #5. Cameron’s chocolate Spiderman cake.

Cam's cake.


It was very busy but a great time at all 4 parties but I am glad there is 12 months before we have to do it all again.

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