It's just how it is.

   Oct 03

Just a dream or a message from my subconscious self?

Okay let me start before the dream. Yesterday I had three separate weird sort of comments that I guess put my mind in an awkward place. I had an older lady (in her 80’s I think) ask if I was expecting again. Then I had someone comment that my skin looked great, that my “face is shinning”. Last I stopped by my midwifes office to visit so she could see Aly and the secretary said “oh I didn’t know you were on the patient list again”. Ahhh… Okay I am NOT having any more kids but all of that put my mind in that place.

Skip a few hours ahead to the dream. I dreamt that I was pregnant and went to hospital to have the baby (a girl). When it was time to go home Rob came to pick me up with Cam and Nate. He had the car so Aly couldn’t come for lack of seating. As we were loading in to the car Rob noticed that the baby was dirty so the boys and I got in the car and he changed her on the trunk of the car as I dozed in the front seat. He finished and got in and started driving. Suddenly Nate was gone out of the back seat and instead my Mother-in-Law Sandy was there and she was screaming I looked back and out the rear window I could see the baby still on the trunk of the car. I started yelling at Rob to stop the car but he said he couldn’t because we were getting on the highway and there was to much traffic behind us. So I started climbing into the back seat onto Sandy’s lap and trying to climb out the window to get the baby. That’s when I woke up. It was strange, no one in the dream had aged compared to real life and the weather was nice, it could have been tomorrow.

Some people believe that dreams have meaning. That it is our brains trying to tell us something or trying to process what is going on in our lives. So what does this dream mean then? Any thoughts? Ideas? I would love to hear them even if only for fun. 🙂 If you have a comment please leave it in the comment section. Thanks.

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