It's just how it is.

   Oct 10

Trying something new.

So this past weekend our dishwasher died on us and being that we BOTH hate washing dishes there was no way we were going to live with out one so we bought a new one. We had been planning to for a while but finally were forced into it. Anyway it was delivered this morning while Rob was at work. I got this great idea that I would remove the old one and install the new one that way Rob wouldn’t have to do it after work. Besides how hard could it be? Right? WRONG. I very quickly learned that I am NOT a plumber. I am sure that I could learn plumbing but is more tedious then I had expected. Every time I turned around there was some other little problem or a part I needed and didn’t have. It was so angering. A simple task became a HUGE ordeal. I am however proud to say that after wait to much time and a bit of cursing I did manage to get the new dishwasher installed, yeah me! It may not be much for some people but today I feel like I have accomplished something. And tomorrow I will use it to wash dishes. 😉


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