It's just how it is.

   Sep 12

Off to a great start to the school year?!?!?

This past week Cameron started big boy school (Junior Kindergarten).  He will be attending 5 days a week full days, but for the first week he only went Wednesday and Friday as an introduction. Everything went okay. He didn’t want to go into class in the mornings and didn’t want to come home at night. He has a real independent streak and likes to do things in his own time which of course is not the way school works. But all and all he liked it.

All seemed good until this morning when Cam woke up with a 102 fever. After only two day of school he has already brought home his first illness. Lucky us, but on the up side he must be really good at doing what kids do to already be bringing home a sickness. I just hope he is just as good at all of the other things kids are suppose to do at school.

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