It's just how it is.

   Jan 29

A Beautiful First.

Today I was sitting on my bathroom floor (which I do more often then one might expect) waiting for Aly to finish on the toilet (she likes to try and be a big girl) when something happened (no this isn’t a poop story). Aly laughed and smiled down at me and for the first time ever in any of my kids I saw that piece of me. Don’t get me wrong I’ve looked at the boys and seen that Nate’s nose looks more like mine then daddy’s and that Cam has my hair color, but I have never seen that glint of me staring back. I guess maybe it was a sappy mommy moment… but… it was special. It was nothing specific I guess just the color of her eyes and the way she smiled but it felt more like a memory then the present. It was just a very beautiful first that brought a tear to my eye. I just have to laugh at how much of my mommy life revolves around the bathroom.

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