It's just how it is.

   Feb 18

Proud Mommy.

So almost 2 weeks ago I started toilet training Aly and switched her to under ware when she is awake. Well she is doing AMAZING! Thursday she had no accidents and Friday, Saturday and Sunday (today) she has only had 1 accident a day and only pee.

Then today I decided it was time to move her to a big girl bed (ok a toddler bed). So at bed time she was so excited that she climbed up on her new bed and laid down so I tucked her in, said good night and left the room. All was good… for a few minutes. I could hear her playing in the bed and exploring it but she didn’t climb out. Then after about 5-10 minutes she started crying a bit so I went in and gave her a hug to calm her and let her know she was okay. She wanted me to pick her up but I laid her down and left again. After a minute she started to cry again so I gave it a few minutes and then once again went in to calm her and again she wanted me to pick her up. I tucked her back in and left. This time she was mad and started screaming. I gave her a few minutes longer and then went back in. This time when she wanted up I picked her up and rocked her. That’s when I realized. Our nightly routine has always been to cuddle and rock her for a minute before I tuck her in to bed. But tonight I didn’t do that. She climbed in herself. All the poor girl wanted was routine and Mommy was denying her of it. So I cuddled her and put her back in her big girl bed and left the room. Then I waited…. but there was only silence. With just a cuddle she went right off to sleep.

I love my big girl…. and my boys, can’t forget them. 🙂

Aly’s first night in a big girl bed.

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