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   Jul 10

5 things 15 minutes on Rollerblades taught me.

So recently I been missing being more active like I was before I had kids. I have been missing do things like bike riding and rollerblading. Tonight I had an errand to run just a few blocks from home and I was going kid free so I decide I would Rollerblade there. So here are a few things I realized by being on rollerblades for the first time in over 4 years and maybe the third time in 8+ years.


1. After 3 kids and these type of activities fading out of my life my balance is no where near as bad as I thought it would be. (I didn’t fall, yeah me!)

2. I. Am. A. Speed demon. I told myself I would take it slow but by the time I hit the end of my street I was pushing to see how fast I could go.

3. My calves are bigger then they were a decade ago when I bought my rollerblades.

4. 15 minutes on rollerblades now feels like an hour.

5. The hill up my street and driveway seems steeper then I remember it.

It was such a great and fun work out but I have a feeling I am going to feel it tomorrow.



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