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   Jul 12

Milkshake or Smoothie?

Recently I started making breakfast drinks for lack of a better name. I wasn’t sure if they were smoothies or milkshakes. So far all of the ones I have tried are made up of a mix of fruit (fresh or frozen), milk or OJ and yogurt (usually Greek). Some of them also have some other things in it for added flavor such as cinnamon and honey.

Long story short it would appear that the general feeling is that if it contains more dairy than fruit or if it contains ice cream then it is a milkshake. Where as if it contains no ice cream and more fruit/vegetables then dairy if any dairy then it is a smoothie. So this means the what I have been making is in fact smoothies but that isn’t wants important. What’s important is finding quick and tasty breakfast options that are also healthy.

As I try some new recipes I will share them here in the hopes that others might enjoy them.



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