It's just how it is.

   Nov 19

The world outside.

There is a weird thing that happens when I am sick for a long period (or in this case my son is). I don’t venture outside. Not to say I don’t go to my mail box, I do. But I don’t leave the property on which my house sits. I don’t go to the store. I don’t drive any where. And. Well. I don’t tend to dress for life. Let me explain.

A flu like bug has been passing around the house and poor Nate has been sick for 5 days. In that 5 days I have only left the house to Take Cam to school on Wednesday and to take Nate to the hospital when he got really bad (also Wednesday). Other then that I haven’t gone ANY where. With each passing day I have dressed a little frumpier then the one before. And with each passing day I have felt even less like interacting with the people outside of my house. I know I will eventually have to go out again but right now I just don’t want to. Oh well it will all be there tomorrow when the sun comes up. Maybe I will venture out then, but the weather man says it’s going to rain soooo…..maybe not!


After writing this post I went and read a friend’s post. It was writen about almost the samething from the opposite view. It made me laugh. And I realized that when I am ready to continue along “the road of a life” that others will be there to walk it with me. And that made me smile. So to Rebekah I say thank you.

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