It's just how it is.

   Nov 26

He’s getting bigger.

We recently were given a twin bed for Nate. It is a captain’s bed much like the one that Cam has. Last week before Nate was put in hospital we went to buy a new mattress for him but had to wait for it to come in. Well today Rob picked it up from the store. So tomorrow we will be assembling his new Big boy bed. He has been in a toddlers bed for almost two years now but I have been putting off moving him to a full sized bed for two reasons. !. I am cheap and didn’t want to spend the money on a bed so I was waiting for a good price (Free was great). 2. He tosses and turns a lot in his sleep so I figured the toddler bed was a shorter fall to the ground. But the time has come for him to “move up in the world”. My baby boy is no longer a baby.

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