It's just how it is.

   Mar 27

Thank you. # 165

I am thankful for true Random Acts of Kindness. These pay it forwards people have been doing of buying a random person coffee at the store or something like that are nice but I am thankful for the acts of kindness from the heart. Yesterday I saw a man driving along stop his truck and block traffic. He then got out and went to help an elderly man across the road. The elderly man was struggling to get across, his walker was caught up in a crack in the road. The man could have just driven by, he could have pretended he hadn’t seen it, but he didn’t. He just to stop his day to help someone in need. I am sure moments like these happen every day. They are mostly thankless moments that go unseen. I don’t know the elderly gentleman or the man who helped him. I will likely never see either of them aain but I want to say thankyou to you sir for seeing a need and for stepping in and stepping up. You made this world a better place. A better place for the man you helped, for me and through that for my kids who were in the car with me and saw you help. That moment impacted more people than I am sure you will ever know. I am thankful for people who make he world a better place without knowing.

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