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   Feb 01

Communication problems.

I am confused. Nate has speech delays. The other week Nate and I went to see the speech pathologist. I asked her if the delay could be apraxia of speech. She said it was possible but in order to get a diagnosis we would have to get it from a medical doctor like our pediatrician. So today we went to see our pediatrician. He said that he wouldn’t be the one to make a diagnosis of speech delays but that he would refer us to a speech pathologist for that.

So now I am confused.

I don’t know exactly what to do next. The pediatrician gave me a phone number for another speech pathologist (who happens to be his wife). The problem is she is private care which means paying for visits and I am not sure how much that will cost but I am sure it won’t be cheap. So I will also have to look into whether insurance will cover any of it.

I also have a few other contacts to look into to find out about other possible steps to take. But in the meantime……

I am just feeling lost and confused. I am starting to wonder if I am making more out of this than there is or if I am seeing something that just isn’t there. I hate doubting myself. I doubted myself when Nate was sick and no one was seeing it and then they found out he has Hirschsprungs and removed 2/3 of his large intestine not to mention a mountain of problems. So I know I shouldn’t doubt myself now. No one knows the boys like I do.  I have to keep remembering that it is my job to spot problems and there job to diagnose them. I guess it means I have a journey ahead of me to find the answers as to why my 28 month old isn’t speaking. I just need strength for the battles ahead. In the end it will all work out, I just have to do what I can to make it work out the best way possible.

Nate age 28 months.

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