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   May 21

Thank you. # 218

I am so thankful.


It has taken a few days for me to write this.

On the Victoria Day, holiday Monday we decided to take the kids to the Ontario Science Center, something we do a lot as they love it there so much. When we arrived we parked in the same area we normally do, near a grassy area. We let the kids out to stretch there legs and Rob and I turned to get the lunch bag and water bottles out of the van. We turned back ready to o to realize that Aly was no where to be seen. At first I assumed she was hiding behind a tree or bush and that she would pop out laughing. After a few seconds I started to realize she wasn’t there and that there is a very steep hill into a valley just a few feet away and Aly is the fearless types that would consider climbing down the incline. That’s when my mommy moment began. Rob and I split up and began to search for Aly. After searching for a few minutes a security women approached me seeing me frantically running around calling for Aly. She told me they had found her and that she was okay. The security woman told me that Aly had started to walk to the building on her own before realizing that she didn’t know where mommy and daddy were. When she realized she was lost Aly approached a dad with three young children and asked for help. The dad took Aly to the main desk to get help. The security guards said that Aly was so brave and calm, she didn’t cry and was able to answer all of their questions. Who did she come with? What is mommy’s name? What is daddy’s name? What do they look like? All of this helped them to find us and to get Aly back safe and sound.

I am so thankful.

I am SO thankful for helpful strangers. I am thankful for the amazing dad who helped a little girl in need for nothing in return. He didn’t even stay around to be thanked so I want to send a huge thank you out in the world to him. I know the odds are almost zero that he will ever see this but I still want to say a huge thank you. Thank you for saving a moms sanity. Thank you for helping to keep her safe. Thank you for showing people that there are still so many good people in the world. Thank you for teaching the net generation how to grow up into good, caring people.

I am SO thankful for the fantastic staff who were amazing and so caring. The number of staff members who took part in making sure that Aly was safe and returned to mommy and daddy.

I am SO thankful that all of the time spent talking to the kids and explaining to them what to do if they were lost actually made sense and she followed through. She did as we had told her. We as parents spend so much time teaching these things to our kids and hoping they never need to use it but I am so thankful and proud to know that she knew what to do.


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  1. Well this totally made me cry. Parenting: you’re doing it right. Way to go my Aly Banana! And thank God for that Dad, indeed.

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