It's just how it is.

   Dec 02

Advent calender day 2.

Tonight Cameron opened door #2 and inside found a note that read:

“Nate look in the freezer.”
“Cam look in the fridge.”

Hidden in the fridge and freezer they each found an ornament for the tree. They were Cars themed there was a Mater one for Nater’s and a Lightning McQueen one for Cam. This how ever led to a crying fit by Nate because he wanted the Lightning McQueen one.

I think I may need to rework some of the treats inside of the calender as Nate’s fit made me wonder if receiving a gift every day for 24 days isn’t just turning Nate in to a little green eyed monster. During his fit he said “that not what me want”. “Me want somefing else.” (I tried to write that in Nate speak.) He was mad because he didn’t get his way and this is definitely not behavior I want to encourage. At the same time though I don’t want to take away the advent calender. I loved it as a child and they really are excited about it. Nate just doesn’t really understand it. Cam on the other hand seems to understand. He was excited and ran off to find somewhere to put his ornament. Then a bed time he wanted to go to sleep so he could wake up and “open the 3 door”.

Uhm…I am not sure what I am going to do if Nate doesn’t calm and react better to it.

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