It's just how it is.

   Dec 15

It’s just never simple.

Today I took Nate and Aly in to the pediatrician. I THOUGHT it was going to be a nice simple visit. Nate had to go and have papers filled in for Sick Kids to make sure he is healthy enough for his botox injections next week and Aly went to have her 6 month check up. Thats it. Easy? Right? Wrong.

Nate’s went fine. The doctor decided to even skip the blood work up and just to pull a copy of his blood tests a month ago. Nate was very happy not to have blood taken. So he was just weighed and measured. (He weighed just a little under 34lB or 15.4kg.) Then came Aly’s turn. She was weighed (15.4lB or 7 kg) and measured (63cm or almost 25in). Then the doctor gave her her vaccination shot and she didn’t even cry (Nate did for her). Had the appointment ended there it would have been great. But no. Instead he said that he was feeling uneasy by the odd shape of her head. It is kinda large and has a bump on either side that sort of stick out. He felt her soft spot and checked her head and decided that he wants her to go anhave an x-ray done of her skull and then to go and see a specialist of some sort. Ugh…

All in all it isn’t a big deal (at least not yet) but….Ugh… Really more specialists? Don’t we see enough for Nate. I don’t want to see more doctors and do more tests.I am tired of all of the doctors and tests. Ugh…

I know it could be worse and I am thankful it isn’t but I still need to whine about things sometimes. 🙂

It’s just never simple.

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