It's just how it is.

   Dec 22

The magic is gone.

Warning not for young children.

I am not about to say anything horrible but I am going to talk about Santa and I would hate to make a child sad.

In our house we don’t have Santa as a part of Christmas. What I mean by that is he doesn’t bring presents to the kids and we don’t tell them that Santa is real or any of that stuff. We just celebrate the birth of Christ. We have a tree (a fake one) and we exchange presents (what’s a birthday without presents) and of course we have cake. But no Santa. We decided to do things this way for a few reasons. 1. Rob was very upset as a child when he discovered that Santa wasn’t real and that people had lied to him. 2. It is to commercial. We wanted to get rid of some of the flash and focus more on the story of Christ (we don’t have the Easter bunny either).

I was okay with this decision when we made it. However I didn’t consider how taking Santa out of Christmas would also take out the magic. As a child I remember the thrill of getting up Christmas morning with excitment and wonder about what Santa had brought me. I couldn’t wait to race down stairs to see all the presents under the tree. Even days before Christmas I was buzzing. I couldn’t think about much else. But that is something that I feel I have taken away from my children by not making them belive in Santa. For the last few days I have been trying to figure out away to add the magic with out adding in the man in Red. So far i ve come up with no ideas. Well we do what we feel is best as parents and hope are kids are okay in the end. I just can’t help but wonder if one day any of my kids will regret this decision we made for them.

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