It's just how it is.

   Dec 26

Christmas Pride.

I want to boast a little. Because hey we all deserve a chance to enjoy the glory of our accomplishments. I would have written about this yesterday but at our house Christmas doesn’t end till really late. Even the boys were up late last night. They didn’t get to bed until about11pm last night which is about 2 1/2hours later than normal. Any way. I had a lot to do for Christmas to be ready but I completed abou85% of the cleaning I had planned to do Saturday (with Rob’s help). But my biggest achievement was Christmas day. Normally I am to busy with food prep and stuff to really be involved in all the activities going on and I am always running behind schedule. This year I decided to change the menu a little so that I would have less prep and would be able to be apart of the fun. Soinstaed of waffles I made baked french toast with berries and for supper I had every one bring the fixings and dessert so that all I had to make was the cranberry sauceĀ (had to have homemade), the stuffing and the turkey. In years past I would be cooking breakfast while people were eating but this year I was able to sit down with everyone to eat. Then at supper people would arrive at 5:30 and the turkey would still be cooking because I had put it in late and we wouldn’t eat until about 7pm which was an hour later then planned. This year when the last guests arrived we carved the turkey and were sitting down at the table at 6pm (oh and I had the table set before people arrived). This is such a change for me. I am usually playing catch up but I am so excited to have actually have been in control instead. I need more practic and work on timing things but I am so proud of myself for what I did accomplish. I now feel like I can do it. It may seem silly to a lot of people but it makes me ridiculously happy.

I am also very proud of my boys. They were very over whelmed by everything that went on yesterday but all in all they behaved quite well although they did get carried away a few times. They were so excited to give out gifts to people.I love my kids!

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