It's just how it is.

   Dec 27

The end is here.

The Christmas holidays are over. Rob had an extra long weekend for Christmas break (4 days). But tomorrow they’re over and he has to return to work. Even though the 2 of those days were complete chaos it has been nice having him home and not thinking about work. It has been so wonderful having an extra set of hands to help with the kids. I am not looking forward to him being gone tomorrow for 10+ hours of the day. Ugh, it’s already making tomorrow seem long. It was mostly the little things. Like not having to worry about the boys while I was putting Aly for a nap or changing her diaper and not having them under foot while I am trying to make meals. Why oh why do the holidays have to be over all ready?


On a seperate note the boys are thrilled to pieces that it finally snowed and were excited to go to bed so they could get up and play outside in the snow. I am very afraid that they are going to be up at 6 am or something crazy wanting to go out side and play.


Tomorrow sounds long!

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