It's just how it is.

   Dec 29

I think I am going round the bend.





Call it what you will but the last few days (since Christmas ended) I feel sort of like I imagine it must feel to go insane. Today on at least half a dozen occasions I walked into a room only to realize that I had no idea why I had walked in to it to begin with. I also keep losing my train of thought, I have no focus and…. oh theres other stuff but I keep forgetting what I was going to say. I have also been texted messages to completely the wrong person (Oops). I have also felt a little dizzy and of balance so I think it could all be caused by my body fighting a cold or something like that. All in all not really any serious issues, but it really is unnerving. It makes me wonder how it must feel to really be loosing your mind with age due to something like dementia. Both my Grandmother and my Grandmother in-law (Rob’s Nan) have recently been diagnosed with some form of dementia, I am not really sure on all of the details. It must be a horrible feeling. I scares me to think that one day I just might not remember the things that are most important to me. To forget your loved ones and the times you spent with them. The way I have been feeling today it has really made me think a lot about how Grandma and Nan must be feeling going through this. Neither of them is in the advanced stages yet but it is scary to think of what could be ahead for them. I wish there were something I could do for them. It also makes me wonder if they know and understand what is going on? To people know when they are loosing their minds or are they spared that torture?

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