It's just how it is.

   Feb 12

The H2O chronicles.

This past Thursday I was in the kitchen cleaning up from breakfast when I looked out the window to discover city work trucks setting up outside my house. The neighbors have had a leaking pipe for the last 2 weeks so I just assumed the workers were here to fix that and thought nothing more of it. A little while later the boys and I went out for the morning. Well….when we returned home we found out that the shut off for the neighbors leaking pipe is in our drive way and the men had our whole drive way blocked off and were digging up part of it. They dug about a 4’x3′ hole that was about 6 feet deep so they could disconnect a pipe.


What we arrived home to.

So after a hard days work they back filled the hole and went home. A short time later I discovered that I had no water and no workers. So I call the after hours number and they sent someone out to try and fix the problem. After a little while the new worker discovered that the wrong line had been disconnected. So the workers would have to return the next day to fix the problem. So I was left for a night with no running water at supper time and two toddlers. (Not fun.)

The next day (Friday) the men returned and dug up the hole again and reconnected the pipe and once again. Then they dug another hole to disconnect the right pipe. So we ended up with 2 big holes in our driveway.

Attempt number2.

After reconnecting the pipe I turned on the water to discover…

Where's the water?

We had only a trickle of water and after a few moments of it running it sputtered and stopped and once again we had no water. So I let the work men know and they were a little bit confused. So they had to have a plumber come out to check out or water meter. It turns out dirt got in to the open line and had clogged the meter. The plumber had to replace the meter.


And after approximately 30 hours we once again had water. Yeah! Until we lived a day with out running water I never realized how much I use it or how much we take it for granted. I am so glad it is running again.

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