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   Jan 26

A suggested beginning.

I sit here again tonight stuck for a topic and motivation to write and my blog-buddy has over the past month made one suggestion at least three times and I have pushed it off and left it. Why I am not not completely sure but at least in part because I didn’t have the energy to write it properly and because I didn’t want to hurt feelings if my telling of a story is different then others remember things or if I forget details that are important to someone else. So in advance I apologize if I get it wrong but here goes everything…. Her suggestion is to write about the beginning of a friendship. So to be fair I decided to write about our beginning as friends.

I heard stories about Rebekah long before I ever met her. In fact a one point as kids my husband had a crush on her. You see they went to school together and her father was the minister at the church they went to. Well about 6 years ago (I think, maybe more I am bad with dates) we were invited to a retirement party of sorts for Rev. Mitchell, he would be leaving the church that my husband had gone to as a child. So we went to see the party. Rob was excited to see friends from his past and to introduce me to them. For days before the party Rob kept talking about Rebekah he was so excited for me to meet her. He would tell me stories and would say she was one of the nicest people I would ever meet. The day came and we went to the party and… well… When I was introduced to her she kind of gave a nod and a half smile exchanged a few words and then was pulled away. Not a great beginning. Right? Well a little back story. She had been out the night before really late at another party for a friend the night before and that day had been busy all day and well… Shall we say she was tired and cranky as anyone would be but I knew none of this at the time. I thought she just seemed cold and a little snobby (sorry Rebekah). But as it wasn’t my childhood friend I wasn’t bothered.

Some time past and eventually Rob and I had decided to start a family and had decided to return to Church so that our kids would grow up with the Church as we had. Rob heard through his mom that Rebekah had gotten a position as minister at a local Church. We hadn’t decided where we were going to go to church so we thought it would be as good a place as any to try. The first 4 times we went Rebekah was actually away on vacation. Finally one Sunday she returned to find that we had started attending her at her church.

It was like meeting a completely different person. After service as we were leaving we stopped to say hello and she gave me a hug. It wasn’t like one of those awkward pat on the back hugs but instead it was like a hug from a family member. It felt warm and comforting. I left shocked. I couldn’t believe that this was the same person. After that I am not exactly sure how things happened my memory is fuzzy but in no time we became great friends and with in a few months when Cameron was born we became what I call chosen family. I have only known Aunitie Rebekah for a few years now but it feels like I have known her for ever and I can’t imagine not having her as a friend and family member. 🙂

P.S. Just for you. ♥

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