It's just how it is.

   Feb 06

My busy week.

Today began a very busy week for me. I will be out of the house for at least half the day every day this week. Today Nate started a preschool program with his cousin Hailie called Little Scholars. It is to help prepare them for Junior Kindergarten in September. The class runs Mondays and Wednesday for 8 weeks. Tuesday I go to Rossland Ridge Bible Chapel for Bible study. Then the busiest part of my week is Thursday and Friday I will be going to Toronto to Sick Kids Hospital. Friday is for a check up with Nate’s surgeon (not to big a deal just routine). Thursday however (as some of you know) I will be taking Aly down to see a Neurosurgeon. Her pediatrician noticed some unusual shaping to her head and order x-rays to make sure everything was developing properly. However the x-rays came back showing a possible abnormality. It appears that one or more of the sutures in her skull may have fused prematurely. The pediatrician thinks she could possibly have Craniosynostosis. So we will go on Thursday to get a professional opinion and if it is craniosynstosis to find out what the next step is.

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