It's just how it is.

   Feb 10

The end of a long week.

Well I survived the week. I knew I would but it went a lot better then I had expected. Cam made it to school on time (most days). Nate got to 2 of 3 preschool days (he was sick for one). Aly is going to be okay and doesn’t need surgery (that one was keeping me up at night). Finally Nate’s doctor is pleased with how Nate is doing and is impressed with how we handle Nate’s health problems. All in all an okay week although it had its ups and downs. Nate is sick with a fever thankfully no vomiting and seems to be on the mend now. Cam got in trouble at school on Thursday for biting another little boy when he was mad at him but he apologized and has promised not to bite any more.

The week is over and next week looks a lot better although we are still busy with school and programs for the kids. A mothers work is never finished.

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